Attorney Referrals
For Private Chemical Health Assessments

Private Chemical Health Evaluations provide critical importance to your clients’ due process rights and provide supportive advantages concerning your clients’ final disposition.


  A Private Chemical Assessment can assist in your case.

Chemical health evaluations offer valuable information to court cases involving DUI/DWI, child custody, divorce, domestic charges, felony charges and personal injury. 

Generally, attorneys refer their clients to Rehab Continuums.  In some cases, individuals  contact Rehab Continuums directly.




  • Rehab Continuums will streamline your cases with potent, supportive evaluations provided by a private, licensed professional who knows the importance of your client's due process rights.

  • Working with a private evaluator will provide your cases with documented accountability and positive referral outcomes.

  • Rehab Continuums upholds your clients’ rights mandated by law through MN DSM-IV Statute guidelines concerning diagnosis and referral.  


When your practice makes a referral to Rehab Continuums, you’ll find that your client will experience a far greater level of support as well as positive outcomes.



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Rehab Continuums, Inc.