Referrals For Chemical Health Evaluations

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
An employee with alcohol or substance use issues can have a damaging effect on a company in many ways:

  • public safety risk

  • reduced job performance

  • medical costs

  • higher costs due to increased absenteeism, tardiness, and reassignment of workloads.

  • lawsuits

  • decrease in business due to detrimental publicity

Referrals for Chemical Health Evaluations  


If an employee's use of alcohol or drugs is effecting their health, work performance, or creating risk to themselves or others in the workplace; or if an employee has tested positive during a drug test, the employee may be instructed to complete a chemical health evaluation.



Academic Institutions (universities, colleges, high schools) request a chemical health evaluation from Rehab Continuums when there's a concern regarding the welfare of a student surrounding his/her alcohol or chemical substance use.


Underage drinking

  • Underage drinking is a problem on campuses throughout the country even though it's illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or possess alcohol.

  • College students participating in the deadly ritual of binge drinking are endangering their lives and the lives of their friends.

  • Excessive alcohol and/or substance use at any age can effect ones health and can result in poor decision making and risky behavior.


Individuals request a chemical health evaluation when they are concerned about their own personal alcohol or chemical substance use.

Making a Referral for an Assessment

  • Call Rehab Continuums to schedule an appointment for a chemical health evaluation.

  • Rehab Continuums will complete the chemical health evaluation and then provide a formal recommendation.

  • We will complete the necessary paperwork to fulfill any requirements.

  • We maintain compliance with our legal responsibility regarding client confidentiality.

  • We provide our clients with a high level of support as well as positive outcomes.

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